My Online Business Tools Library


Hey there! One of the questions I get asked a lot is what are the tools that I'm using in my business, or what courses, books and events I recommend. So instead of answering this question individually to everybody, I've put together this special page where I give you MY GOLDEN NUGGETS 🙂

It took me a lot of trial and error to find the RIGHT tools that fit me, and that could fit you as well.

A quick disclaimer – some of these are affiliate links (I partnered up with some of these companies so I get a commissions when somebody buys, because I love these products, and I know they can help YOU!).


I use a variety of tools in my home based business to help me achieve success

So What do I use to keep my multiple streams of income running? Here I placed all of my products, training, done for you funnels, traffc generators and more inside of this library so you can achieve success as well.

Most of these products I have used for over 4 years now and anything on this page, I still use today so I can help you with  ANY questions that you may have!

Getting Started Online

The Home Business Survival Guide ~ FREE Guide to get you on your feet with marketing.  This guide will teach you the 7 basic skills you need to learn so you can build your team with complete ease.  Grab this today! You can impliment these skills immediatly.  Take your business to the next level and stomp your competitors. Click here to learn more!

Branding Yourself

Have you started branding yourself online?  Do you have a blog/website?  Most marketers that reach success online have a blog /website where they showcase themselfs  and their content. Every piece of content then gets sent back to the blog so people can know like and trust you.  In turn, they then become leads and then a possible customer.  My friend Tanya created this easy step by step Ultimate Branding Blueprint so you can too learn how to build a blog from the comfort of your own home easily.  She literally holds your hand. Learn how to use wordpress, brand  yourself, and market to YOUR target audiance that your looking for.  Click Here to learn more.


Bluehost ` The Home for your blog . Bluehost is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by anyone that knows about having a well high traffic site or blog. This is why. Bluehost is incredibly easy to use with 1-click automatic WordPress installation and excellent customer service and its really inexpensive.  Multiple domains can be used on Bluehost and it also ranks highly with google and the search engines Go Here to get my discount

OptimizePress 2.0 – This is a HIGH RECOMENDED Blog Theme.  It is so versitile and gives you options that most blog themes do not offer.  This theme also works as lead capture pages so you can collect names and emails of new prospects for your business.  It is CLEAN and VERY PROFESSIONAL looking.  Another feature it has is the ability to create sales funnels that look like you had it done by a professional ,  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

The Power Lead System.   This system is the most important aspect for your business.  This is the glue to your marketing (the system that holds everything together) It is amazing, I use it for almost all of my products.

A complete marketing training system/product with an affiliate program. It teaches people how to generate leads and promote affiliate links through various platforms, similar to many other products in the internet marketing niche. Create amazing capture pages and sales funnels suitable for YOUR company.  It also generates share codes so you can share your personal team funnel with your team to brand your team.  Get your FREE 7 day trial here

Aweber – The internet’s most powerful email opt-in service and email marketing/broadcasting tool. This is what I use to build my email list and newsletter. It saves and organizes your list subscribers so you can control future emails and correspondence. One of the biggest tools you will need in your business.
Click here for 30 Day FREE TRIAL.

Pre Made Funnels - Easy Set up with Multiple Streams of Income

The Yellow Brick Road Funnel - Complete marketing Sales funnel strategy that builds an advertising budget that pays for itself. You don't have to pay for traffic to your funnel out of pocket. This 10 min per day system will help you see success fast.   Follow the easy step by step video set up process (about 15 to 30 min) and its all set up complete with sales videos, follow up emails, banners and a full resource page.

This Funnel is designed to maximize conversions and sales by tying multiple streams of income together.  1. Futureadpro (the advertising budget builder). 2. The Power Lead System (The marketing system) 3. Exitus Elite (The personal development bonus with capability of $1k commissions per sale) Get Started with this funnel Today!!

Traffic Hurricane Funnel - Complete done for you funnel. Included 3 Income streams. 1 Traffic Hurricane (your advertising website along with budget builder) 2. The Power Lead System as your marketing platform (holds the funnel together) 3. Udimi which is a place to buy traffic weekly to your site using the funds earned fromTraffic Hurricane.  Complete training modules inside and step by step set up easy instructions.  Click here to learn more!


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